Live @ GEZ​-​21 2017​-​03​-​19

by Eat Rust

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Recorded live @ GEZ-21 / Museum of Sound, Saint Petersburg.


released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Eat Rust город Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Very Vocal Intro
aaa aaaa aa
Track Name: Witchery
How can we stop this witchery?
And through the porch I entered the orchard
picked some apples to stop the misery
the misery the misery the misery

Tell a tale and find a whale at midnight
and through the times I've become an altar
underground we went to find the hollow earth
the hollow mind the hollow earth the hollow ground the hollow mind la la la laa
Track Name: Dust Wears Off
When the dust wears off
I'm left to stare
When the dust wears off
there's nobody there so won't you pleeeeease

When the tension comes
I know what's to follow
I need my mind
to be clear so won't you pleaeeaeaeaese

I'm looking for a sign
I'm looking for a friend
I need some en-
Track Name: Rita Hayworth Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane
A ruffled white blouse and a veil
are all she ever wears
release me from your mighty grasp
heavy blindfolds and silver screens

Blood and sand and fingernails
have blinded all my eyes:
two on my head, four on my hands
two on the left and two on the right

Shiny blood red fingernails
are tearing through my skin
My body is weak, it slowly gives in
to R I T A H A Y W O R T H in T E C H N I C O L O R
Track Name: Hegyek
reggel óta nézem a hegyeket a hegyek meg csak jönnek közelebb a boszorkányok megköveznek rettentő az élet itt a hegyekben
kinek kinek a kegyelméből zuhant egymásra itt ennyi kő lá lá lá lá ál lálá lá lá valami sziklán falépcső
meghökkentő fordulatot vesz lábam alatt a szerpentin a sziszegő nyelvén gyorsan siklok serceg a nyál meg a terpentin
Track Name: Witches (?)
It's not the dark winds from the North
But the warm winds from the South
That drive the witches in
I count my riches and I feel fine
would you like to join in?

And then I get angry, but maybe it's the fungi
maybe it's the fungi in my head

Call my ancestors on the phone
Call my ancestors on the phone
Call my ancestors on the phone
And then I get angry, but maybe it's the fungi
and smash the fuckin phone against the wall
Track Name: Fungih
meet the fungi
becoming friends with the slime mold
meet the fungi
becoming friends with the slime mold

there are slugs in the water
and I wanna be with them

ooo ooo hhhoooohhh

meet the slime mold
becoming one with the fungi
Track Name: Kell egy űrhajó (Apeman cover)
kell egy űrhajó
s én hazarepülök
a majmok bolygója vár rám
a felhők fölött

mindegy, hogy nagyon közel
vagy éppen nagyon távol
nekem az is elég, drótanya,
ha elindítasz vállról